SEO Executive

Job description

Are you looking to specialise in SEO / Organic Search? Have you got some digital marketing experience and now looking to take the next step? Looking to progress your career in digital marketing and want to work with some of the best talent in the UK to hone your skills?

As part of the Organic Search Department, your role is critical to client success. You will utilise your analytical skills and understanding of organic search algorithms to provide clear, effective deliverables which contribute to the overall success for a client. You will typically be working alongside an account strategist and technical SEO lead to inform and drive this strategy from an SEO perspective.

Where the account strategist documents, presents and prioritises activity that most effectively meets client objectives, devising solutions and ensuring delivery, an SEO executive studies available data and researches the online market to provide campaign insight, identify opportunities and provide technical SEO best practice.

You will have a practical understanding of both on and off-site SEO and be able to apply your understanding to complex situations analysing client and competitor websites, backlink profiles, website usage data and more to provide clear, articulate insight to internal campaign teams.

Additionally, you will be able to provide insight to client campaigns by studying data (for example, Google Analytics) and researching online trends and competitors to identify areas of opportunity and weakness within a client’s online presence, whether that be search visibility, usability, conversion optimisation, email marketing or several other areas of opportunity.

You will be passionate about providing the best service possible to clients and ensure that the agency remains at the cutting edge of organic search marketing by researching and implementing new techniques, providing insight into new search opportunities and keeping abreast of the latest news and concepts within the SEO community.

You will project a warm, engaging personality and demonstrate the ability to win over others, whether they are clients, colleagues or business partners.

Key responsibilities

• To analyse on-site and off-site SEO factors to provide campaign insight, which will help guide the overall campaign strategy.

• To ensure strategic integration between organic search marketing and other parts of a client’s digital marketing campaign by liaising with internal teams.

• To prepare and present organic search strategy documents, SEO audits, competitor research and keyword opportunity analysis for both existing and potential clients.

• To deliver technical insight and analysis in monthly reports and quarterly review documentation for digital marketing clients.


• An understanding of SEO, link building and how search fits into the wider digital marketing picture.

• Ability to research, identify and implement new techniques and processes to ensure clients retain and build search rankings.

• Excellent, persuasive verbal and written communication skills.

• Ability to prepare and present compelling on-site SEO audits, best practice guidelines, review documentation, client SEO strategy documents and monthly client reporting.

• Ability to analyse data and perform effective keyword and competitor research.

• Proficiency with an any industry-standard SEO tool (for example AHrefs, SEMrush or Screaming Frog), Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

• Ability to provide input on creative digital marketing concepts and strategies to maximise online exposure and search visibility benefit.

You will be…

• In love with digital, data and customer-focused marketing.

• Confident in delivering expert advice and analysis to both colleagues and clients.

• Able to work individually and collaboratively

• Clear and persuasive in both verbal and written communication